Guiding you to become the best version of your “AUTHENTIC”self!

  Hi, I’m Sharon and I’m probably a lot like you.  You know the story, grew up in conflict, married early and early divorced, re-married with kids and balancing a full-time professional career, lived, loved, lost…and now found.  I’ve been there, likely done that, and it all led me to here and to you.  Oh, and I’m the spiritual lady behind Machon Method where I help women (and men too) create the best versions of themselves!  My passion is meeting people, learning their stories, and helping them attain the simpler, happier lives they’ve always dreamed of by sharing my resources, experiences, and yes, methods.

As a Certified Life, Professional & Spiritual Coach, my vision is to be a constant resource for people who are searching for that elusive inner peace, maybe trying to define their life’s purpose, or perhaps tired of keeping up with the perceived ideal of happiness.  Whatever the reason, and wherever your journey has taken you, my objective is to help you focus on what’s important so that you can achieve something much greater than you can even imagine.

I want to personally welcome you to my website.  It is my hope that Machon Method becomes a source of knowledge, hope, and interaction that propels you to finding true joy.  I also hope that it becomes a place you’ll want to share with family, friends, and co-workers who may also be on similar journeys.

Be Blessed,