Why Work With an Intuitive?

My spiritual-based Intuitive mentoring approach is designed around what I call “The Four Ps”; four tenets that will guide you to releasing negative self-sabotaging behaviors and to provide you with the tools necessary to experience meaningful change in your life for the long term.

  1. Partnership – A spiritual & Intuitive approach to helping you be accountable for your choices.
  2. Perspective – Helping you uncover new solutions to experience inside-out healing.
  3. Praise – Continuous encouragement to break down the barriers holding you back.
  4. Picturing – Helping you envision a life of inspiration, joy, abundance and purpose.

My mentoring is not just an abstract thought, but a tangible, goal-oriented process to help you achieve the best version of yourself.  With my help and SPIRT, you will:

  • Release grief and loss,
  • Eliminate negative thoughts from your life,
  • Overcome challenges and obstacles that hold you back,
  • Understand the purpose in your life,
  • Eliminate hesitation and procrastination,
  • Better your life balance and productivity,
  • Realize your potential and truth,